Bring Music to the Affected Areas


Bring Music to the Affected Areas

We, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, thought over what we could do right after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami occurred in March 2011. After the Great Hanshin/Awaji earthquake in 1995, we visited the affected areas, joining the local musicians and offering music as our support. The experience of giving each other encouragement through music was still close to our hearts. We believe music helps heal sadness of those who have lost their loved ones and home, gives them strength to keep on living, and can express the beauty and strength of bonds between us without words.

We decided once again to start the action, working together with the people in the suffering areas and those who are willing to support. Started less than a month after the earthquake, our musicians have visited the affected areas and held over 197 performances in shelters and schools there as well as giving music lessons for school bands and orchestras.

Five years have passed since the disaster. Japan Philharmonic Orchestra will continue to support and bring music to the affected areas and people there as one of our important missions.

September 2016


Our Objective

Members of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra personally go and deliver the music to the affected areas. These members are volunteers.

How you can support

  • We kindly ask you to contribute to our funds necessary to send the members to the affected areas to cover their accommodation expenses etc.
  • Please provide information about the halls/venues/places where we can perform.
  • We are looking for groups/individuals who can help us to coordinate the project.

Transfer account

  • Postal transfer: Account No.00160-6-789789  Payee Name: Japan Phil "Bring music to the affected areas"
  • Bank transfer: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Kouenji branch Account No. 0065261  Payee name: Japan Phil Bring music to the affected areas (Nihon Firu Hisaichi ni Ongaku wo)

The donation money to Japan Philharmonic Orchestra has the certification which is subject to the deduction for donation by the prime minister. If you chip in with a donation, you can receive tax incentive. Click here for details.

At the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra continued sending 63 volunteers across 23 locations in 1 year. Starting with the schools that were used as shelters, we visited hospital lobbies, temples, meeting rooms of the temporary houses and so on. On the site, many organizations including Medecins Sans Frontiers, medical organizations, co-ops, organizations promoting reconstruction with arts, town planning councils and Kobe bar association have participated in coordinating the "Bring music" activities (@Kanase Yukata)


April 22nd, 2011 at the Tokyo subscription concert venue


August 6th, 2011 in Kesennuma
(Photo on the top is taken on March 4th, 2013 in Onagawa)